Guided tours

Dear pilgrims, dear visitors, welcome to the venerable site of Tetín!

If you are interested in visiting the churches or the art gallery, please, find our guide. The tour takes approx. 60 minutes, its length and price can be rearranged to meet your individual needs.

Guided tours around churches and art gallery available at:

weekends and holidays 10:00-18:00


  • adults: CZK 80.00/person
  • senior visitors over 65: CZK 60.00/person
  • families:CZK 140.00
  • children 6-15, including school groups: CZK 20.00 + teacher with admission free
  • children 0-6: admission free

Call our guides:

Mrs. Stanislava Hahnová: +420 723 935 609
Mr. Ladislav Pecka: + 420 723 005 648

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